2018-2019 Fellowship

We are looking for high school students interested in exploring questions like:

What is social justice and what does it mean to you? What can you do to raise awareness about issues that are important to you? How can you use art to become a leader in social advocacy?

Connecting Narrative and Social Action in the Arts

During the course of this fellowship, we will examine these questions by considering social justice from a religious and historical lens, while making connections to inequities that persist today. With the support of social justice professionals and organizations, themes such as gender and economic inequity, immigration rights, and racial and religious discrimination will be explored.

This fellowship will stress the importance of education to inform knowledgeable opinions on social issues. Analysis of personal experiences and stories from religious text will segue into identifying how art can empower us to bring light to inequities and energize social response.

Professionals in the field will introduce the work of contemporary artists who aim to generate awareness and social change, while students create interdisciplinary art that challenge injustice and galvanize support within their own communities.



We will meet seven times from from 4pm-7pm on Sunday.

Our tentative dates are:

  • 12/16/18: Welcome session
  • 1/13/19
  • 2/3/19
  • 2/10/19
  • 2/24/19
  • 3/3/19
  • 3/10/19

Those who complete the fellowship will receive a $500 scholarship!

View the fellowship flyer HERE.

Please fill out the application HERE.

Direct any questions to fellowship@olivetreeartsnetwork.org

We are looking forward to hearing from you!